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Today, commercial site operators are struggling to optimize their energy systems. They are operating in the dark without a clear view of their energy landscape. This means missed opportunities to reduce energy costs, a lack of clarity in procuring new site renewable assets, and missing net zero transition goals.

Vividgrd is an intuitive abstraction layer that transforms your operation into a smart microgrid.

Vividgrd unlocks energy ownership and independence

Informed Procurement

Digital twin data enables interactive scenario testing and recommendations on system upgrades and expansion options

Optimisation & Alerts

Continuous, automated, real-time site AI/ML analysis and notifications for cost optimisation, vulnerability awareness and energy trading.

Site network health is monitored for abnormal behaviour or routine bottlenecks.


Total oversight of energy assets for improved efficiency, stability, resilience, security and future trading/export
Digital Security by Design

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We can help you get to grips with your energy needs and open up new opportunities.

This is a fantastic opportunity to understand the energy language of your site and help drive technology to solve the problems that matter most to you.

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  • Single/multiple buildings on campuses, business parks, etc.
  • Complex on-site energy landscape
  • Plans to install/expand renewable generation
  • Looking to change gas generation (CHP)


  • Existing or planned sites looking to support many charge points (>10)
  • As standalone sites or as an expansion to an existing site
  • Explore optimisation & stabilisation within the context of a local distribution network


Collaborative studies into:

  • Distribution network modelling & monitoring
  • Distribution network reinforcement
  • Exploration of how to make local peer-to-peer trading work

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